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Welcome to A Table Apart
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Open Daily 5pm to 9pm
Closed Sunday February 5th 2017
4295 Bonita Beach Road
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
For reservations :
 Ph:(239)221-8540 Or ATABLEAPART08@GMAIL.COM

A Word From The Chef

I have lived my whole life with a profound love for the ocean and the land. 

As a kid growing up in Hawaii, I remember diving and fishing with my father, enjoying the benefits of our island paradise.

Sadly as I grow older and revisit places of my childhood years; I notice a significant difference in the abundance of wild life. I have noticed firsthand the effects of over fishing on our sacred waters. I believe as a Chef and an avid ocean & land lover that we must take measures to preserve the future for our children. The increasing risks of the deplenishing oceans and the chemically induced production of our meats become a true reality for a Chef, choices need to be made which carry consequences for our environment and health. 

At A Table Apart, we have decided to take a step in the right direction and focus on sustainable seafood & natural meats. We serve seafood that is not considered overfished or seafood that does not contain high levels of mercury. We also have chosen meats and poultry products which reflects the same beliefs ( No Hormones, No antibiotics, Farm to table programs, Natural production)

Though this process may be a little restrictive as far as cost and choices of products available for our menu; my wife and I believe that we are taking the right direction to promote awareness to problems that not only face our industry but also everyday consumers.

Food is culture and culture is the preservation of the Aina..our earth

Chef Jeff Acol