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Dinner Menu


Eggplant Caponata   GF*

Roasted Eggplant, Onion, Sundried Tomato, Tahini, Sesame Seeds, Tomato Jam, Toasted Crostinis $8

Bistro Pommes Frites

Fries tossed with Herbs, Parmesan Cheese $7

  With White Truffle Oil Drizzle $8

Loco Moco Poutine  

Kobe Beef Gravy, Farm Egg, Cheese Curds over French Fries $10


Thai Style Fried Calamari

Fresh Wild Calamari, Nam Pla Marinated and Deep Fried served with Thai Dressing $11

Chorizo Mejillones   GF*

Sautéed Mussels with Mexican Chorizo, Tomatoes, Garlic, White Wine, Cilantro Pesto, Sprinkled with Queso Fresco, Toast Points $15

Hawaiian Kalua Pig Quesadilla

Tea Leaf braised Pork, Provolone & Queso Fresco, Balsamic Onion Confit, Chipotle Tomato Jam $9

Escargot Adobo   GF*

The National Dish of the Philippines with a Twist. Escargot Sautéed in Coconut Milk, Soy Sauce, Vinegar Served with a Filipino Eggplant Salad and Crostini $10

Roasted Portabella Montrachet “No Crust” Pizza   GF

Roasted Portabella Mushroom, Goat cheese, Two Tomato Tapenade, Toasted Pine Nuts, 

Arugula and Balsamic Drizzle $10


Soup of the Day (changes daily) $4 cup

                                                     $7 bowl


Italian Chilled Soup, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Garlic, Bread $7 Bowl


Roasted Beet Salad  GF

Chilled Goat Cheese Fondue, Beet Greens,  Baby Arugula, Beet Jus Vinaigrette  $8

Pear Salad

Mixed Greens, Li hing mui Poached Asian Pear, Spiced Pecans, Danish Blue,

White Balsamic Dressing $8

Caesar Salad

Heart of Baby Romaine, House Made Croutons, Crisp Smoked Bacon, Parmesan Reggiano, 

House Caesar Dressing $8


Substitute Pommes Frites on any entrees below for $1, with Truffle Oil for $2

Entree split charge $10 


Whole Natural Rack of Lamb

Asian Glazed 8 Bones New Zealand Natural Lamb Rack, Mashed Potatoes, Haricots Vert $36

House Cured Kurobuta Pork Ribeye  GF

Caramelized Onion “Soubise”, Watercress and Shaved Green Apple with Red Onion Salad  $29

Chicken Panzanella  GF*

Seared Free Range Chicken Breast, Arugula, Burrata Cheese, Tomato, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Italian Bread, Balsamic Drizzle $26

Baseball Steak  GF

House Rub, Quinoa Tabouleh, Spicy Yogurt Sauce  $27


Triple Tail Aioli  GF

Seared Triple tail Snapper, Asian Aioli, Asparagus, Steamed White Rice, Citrus Beurre Blanc $34

Simply Grilled Fish of the Day  GF

Served with Two Tomatoes Tapenade, Grilled Vegetables & Choice of Steamed White Rice Or Garlic Mashed Potatoes Mkt.

Crispy Fried Whole YellowTail Snapper

Asian Soba Noodle Salad, Chinese Red Vinegar Dipping Sauce $30

Pan Seared Organic Salmon GF

Organic Salmon, Sauteed Organic Spinach, Lump Crab, Tomato, Capers,

White Wine, Butter $27

Jeff Turned Giuseppe

Asian Shrimp & Italian Sausage Linguini

Kurobuta Italian Sausage, Laughing Bird Shrimp Sautéed with Asian Special Sauce, Parmesan, Lemon Essence $26

Rigatoni alla Bolognese

Rich Northern Italian Meat Ragu with Rigatoni Pasta served Al Dente, 

Ricotta and Parmesan Cheese $24

Grilled Vegetable Primavera

Linguini, Grilled Vegetables, Sautéed garlic, Choice of Marinara sauce or Olive oil, Parmesan $20


Choice of Starch: Mashed Potatoes, Steamed White Rice $3

Choice of Veggies: Green Beans, Asparagus, Grilled Veggies, Spinach $4

GF* Gluten Free when bread is excluded

 GF Gluten Free